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Dec 19, 2012 2:00am PST
friday and those who mourn their children and those who mourn their family members who lost their lives. >> eliot: it has been heroic, a moment of national mourning. the beginning of a national conversation. you've been a major participant in this as we try to get our arms around gun control. you've spoken so eloquently in your op-ed today part of which we read, where do you think there is going to be a point of agreement, a consensus that will permit congress to actually pass bills? >> eliot i'm really, this evening, going to plead or make a plea and the pleading that i'm going to do and the plea that i make is that this is an american discussion. this is a dialogue among americans. not democrats republicans independents, i happen to have a new district that includes rural areas of texas in an urban congressional district so i'm in essence going to multitask on the issues i'm going to be involved in. but i'm going to ask americans who have responsibility for policy to do as i've done. to take a look at this shee
Dec 17, 2012 3:00am PST
. mourning for the murder of those 20 beautiful little kids up in new ton, connecticut, shocked that yet another mass murder here in the united states is being far, far too many of them committed violent assault weapons and hopefully start this week determined that this time this time at least we finally have had enough, this time we will finally, pull together as the president said last night. this time, we will finally do something to get these weapons of war out of circulation. we will be talking all about that this morning and a whole lot more. take time out first to get the latest. to the's current news update from the lisa ferguson out in los angeles. hi lease a. good morning. >> hey, bill good morning everyone. on the heels of the shooting which is one of the worst in history, not only is the nation mourning but it sounds like washington could finally be ready to push through some gun legislation. 20 innocent children with six adults were killed at sandy hook elementary. president obama spoke to a crowd much more than 900 mourners. he was understa
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
's recommendations on gun control. >> we join the president in mourning the victims of that horrible tragedy in connecticut. he's appoint vice president biden to lead a commission and when the vice president's recommendations come forward we'll certainly take them into consideration. john fuglesang now john boehner may say he'll consider but he did give himself a good amount of wiggle room. do you hear that right now? that's the friend of the nra revving up their spin machine. fox news reported the gun lobby has remained silent to allow for a proper period of mourning but that soon they would start to "push back." because, you see guns don't kill people but nra people who own congresspeople make it a lot easier for o derange people to get gun and kill innocent people. tomorrow, the nra will hold a press conference outlining their position. and an honest source gave fox news a preview saying that the nra would push politicians to talk about hollywood and the video games that teach young kids how to shoot heads. if you really want
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
. the bipartisan tradition around disability is longstanding, and i think it's mourn. it's one of those few issues that traditionally both republicans and democrats can agree on, and i hope we can get back to that point. a lot of work need to be done in the republican party for us to get there. >> eliot: your point is so well taken. there should be no disagreement about extending rights to those with disabilities. this is not a partisan issue. it has not been historically a partisan issue. whom will you call? where will you begin when you go and reach out to the republican party and say guys, go back to your roots. you just lost an election because of the narrowness of your vision. expand it. who will you talk to? >> you know what? i will talk to everyone and anyone who will listen. we work he very closely with former senator dole, and i couldn't believe as he was sitting there in the senate, and republican after republican voted against something that was so important so near and dear to his heart with former governor dick thornberg who is an amazing ally to folks with disabilities. i had dinner
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
to mourn them. you are taking the moment to make sure you don't do a damn thing about it. governor of verge said something similar. >> can you imagine ever supporting a ban that limited the sale of assault rifles, limited the sale of clips to private citizens? >> i think we ought to look at a number of things in the wake of this. >> are you oh open to it? >> i don't think that's the first place that you look, chuck. first of all we don't have all the facts. one of the mistakes is when you're grieving and emotional is to make decisions that might not fit the problem. >> cenk: oh oh, no, no, no, like limiting gun control. i'm sorry. am i being emotional about it? how about talking about colorado or columbine. they never want to talk about it. these are the sick people who never want to fix this problem. the n.r.a. said they were shocked, saddened and heartbroken: >> that is an absolute and utter joke. every time they offer a solution, it's more guns. did more guns work? since the assault weapons ban has been lifted in 2004 the number of mass shootings in the country has doubled. doubled appro
Dec 20, 2012 3:00am PST
, the nation is mourning with this community. but it is a strong community. it has been described as this kind of bedrock new england rural community. very strong ties, strong bond. everyone knows one another. and so that that has its good side and its bad side because every child knows every other child. every parent that's had children in their homes. and yet the bond between people that links them together. >> bill: that came out. the president recognized that and saluted that in his remarks sunday night. >> just one point before the issue on guns, i -- i listened to the stories and know of the story of this young teacher from my district in stratford connecticut. vickie soto, 27 years old. she was the teacher who hid her children in the bathroom, in the closets to protect them. and faced the gunman and he just murdered her. she saved these children. the first responders saved these children because when he saw them, he then turned the weapon on himself. in the meantime, he had a military-style assault weapon. w
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am PST
: good morning. >> caller: good morning. i happened to listen to mourning joe this morning sorry. >> stephanie: i'm sorry for you. >> caller: said they these jobs coming back to america are great. they are paying 15 to $17 an hour. and i'm thinking you can't buy a house or send your kids to college on $17. and in michigan people are saying they ought to let the unions go because people just need jobs. >> stephanie: it's what the president was saying yesterday. this should be a race to the top, not a race to the bottom. oh, she is done with me. >> she'll listen to you off line. >> stephanie: i always hang around too long. shut up chris. >> i have no reason to talk. >> stephanie: good morning, susan. >> caller: good morning. my husband is a union bricklayer in chicago. he works so hard. he lifts 64-pound flats all day long, eight-hours a day. he gets a decent wage. he doesn't get his birthday off, a paid vacation if christmas is on a tuesday, he doesn't get paid. we make a nice wage but we're not millionaires. and union people built this country, not mitt romney >>
Dec 18, 2012 3:00am PST
. good morning everyone. hawaii and the nation are mourning the loss of a leader after the passing of senator daniel inouye. the 88-year-old died of complications from a respiratory illness after representing ha hawaii in congress since the beginning of its statehood more than 50 years ago. neil abercrombie gave a heartfelt speech to the press yesterday. >> this child of hawaii has left us with a legacy i suspect we will never see again. >> inouye sent the governor a personal letter before his death requesting that congresswoman colleen replace him. hanabusa spent more than a decade in the hawaii senate as was elected to the house in 2010. they will provide three candidates but of course hanabusa is the favorite. if chosen, she'll serve until 2014 when a special election will decide who will finish out the last two years of inouye's term. >>> next year's congress will be tackling transportation with everything from funding fights to infrastructure reforms. lawmakers have to deal with a water resources bill, rail is
Dec 19, 2012 6:00am PST
be a reasonable period of time when we simply mourn. television is our national cathedral. it is where we all go when there's an american tragedy. we go there to grieve together and to witness what's going on together. and there should be no politics. >> what did bill just do? >> they start in on their agenda. >> o'reilly in his talking points memo opened the show politicizing -- >> stephanie: mike huckabee going on fox and blaming the lack of god in the classroom and victoria jackson going on fox and blaming abortion. this preacher and that preacher blaming the gays. >> we shouldn't politicize this thing but the far left, with their lefty leftness. >> stephanie: right. the left saying gee i wonder if guns had anything to do with this. maybe we should look at that! okay. guns and mental health were in any way involved in this. okay. see, there i go exploiting again. mike huckabee, oh, there he is. >> on friday. neil cavuto asked me where was god? i said it for 50 years. we've systemically attempted to have god
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
the victims of the gun violence to do anything but sit around and mourn their death. [ applause ] >> having said that after a game of paintball a kid shot his friend with a shotgun and killed him. >> that article is now posted on your facebook page. >> stephanie: that's like magic how that happens. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> yep. >> stephanie: steve in tennessee. hi, steve. >> caller: hi. i totally agree with the assault weapon ban, but i also believe everybody should have them or nobody should have them and the people who are already in possession of them they should take that whole list of what they are banning and all of those people who have those banned guns should either turn them in, or else be charged with felony possession. i also think that this should come from the top down as well. you know? because it's horrible that there were twenty kids tragically murdered in connecticut, but at the same time it strikes me as a little hypocritical when the military has killed literally thousands of innocent children in iraq and afghanistan, which were war crimes so i think the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)